Completed Fundraising Projects

Nantucket Museum Center

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This 16'x16' square foot mural was completed at the Olde Mill Central PA plant using Hanover Architectural's 2'x2' grey tudor finshed slabs. The project is the Nantucket Museum Center in Nantucket, Mass. The work is a maritime compass engraved into the slabs which will be installed at the museum with numerous unengraved slabs to complete a large paving area at the museum.
The Mechanicsburg Community Center
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Lancaster General Hospital recently added some memorial plaques to their donor recognition program. The program coordinator recently wrote: "Enclosed please find a check for the final payment for the Piece of the Wall" plaques that you made for Lancaster General Hospital. Thank you so much for your help with this project. Carla and Tim were viewing the plaques today. You did a wonderful job!"
The very recently dedicated Generational Walkway project leading to the new Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania. This project incorporated the engraved pavers (in multiple sizes), engraved stainless steel plaques (also in multiple sizes) and the 5-foot diameter bluestone medallion custom sandblasted with the school's crest.
Baylor University Baylor University Baylor University's newest fundraising efforts brought over $5 million to the school for their new Sheila and Walter Umphrey Law Center at Baylor University.
Penn State Harrisburg Alumni took a last look at Meade Heights Community Center this fall. Alumni are invited to purchase bricks from the building that was demolished last year. Olde Mill Impressions is engraving "PSH Meade Heights 1969-2002", and they are going fast!

The 5-foot diameter medallion
These steel plaques were set in columns along each side of the bridge, which crosses a busy city street. These steel plaque "columns" are where the largest donations were recognized.

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Friendship Ctr
brick detail
The Friendship Community Center, Harrisburg, PA utilizes 8" x 8" concrete pavers engraved in a checkerboard pattern with special tributes and "in honor of" special people.

Two years ago, the Friendship Community Center in Harrisburg paved a large front entrance patio with engraved pavers. About 60% of them were placed in memory of someone, about 20% are from companies, and about 20% are from families.

"Matt's very good about getting them to us on time." -- Brenda Baxter, Friendship Community Center

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Susquehanna University
Satisfied customer Susquehanna University sold more than 1200 bricks during a recent capital campaign. They decided to use the bricks for a plaza that would connect the field house with the football stadium. "We gave people an opportunity to be a part of SUÕs history," said Karen Fitzgerald, former Alumni Director of Susquehanna. "It really got them hooked!"

opening ceremonies for the new bricks

memorial columns
Messiah ALumni Center
Messiah College's new Alumni Center has brick honor columns engraved with messages of special significance to the many donors who helped finance a major renovation of a former president's residence into an alumni programs office and reception location on campus.
Walk of Valor
Civil War Museum
The National Civil War Museum in Harrisburg, PA. The National Civil War Museum has two memorial brick programs. The Walk of Valor gives individuals the opportunity to memorialize for life the individual contributions of forbearers who served in the American Civil War. The Friends Walkway is for people who want to be a part of the museum or who want to pay tribute to a family member, a veteran or some other special person.

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Misericordia library
College Misericordia's new Library building
features a lovely named memorial brick
border to the walkways.

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4-H center
The 4-H Center at the Penn State
Cooperative in York, PA (left).

This brand-new South Mountain Elementary School building (right) on Mountain Road in Dillsburg, Pa. has a flag-pole courtyard at the entrance featuring Olde Mill Impressions engraved bricks marked with the names of local school families commemorating their children.

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Logan Park
LOGAN PARK in Dillsburg, PA features an attractive entrance wall with the names of donors and friends engraved on bricks
Lions club brickfreemasons stone
GFWC stone

Siebert parkSiebert Park's new playground equipment at Camp Hill Borough Park features a beautiful brick pathway that honors the families of the area who bought bricks to commemorate their children, grandchildren or local sports mascot.

The PineHurst Hills Housing development includes this lovely rock wall and signage including Olde Mill Impressions's engraving work in the "signature" piece at the entrance to the development.
The Glencarron Housing development features architecturally beautiful house address stones installed in brick columns.
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